ESB comprises a team of varying professionals who work together bringing about the results our clients come to expect. We work as a cohesive group of individuals each with varying areas of expertise combining our experience and knowledge to deliver the best results possible. Our team members are individually fully accredited members of the following professional organisations or have extensive experience in these areas within our fully resourced departments in our company:

Training Division: Recruitment and Employment Division; and Accounting Department (with a CPA expert in Migration).

The ESB team of professionals is headed up by the company's founding director, Emma Thomson.

  • Members of Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) and Business Advisors
  • Experienced Auditor
  • Certified Professional Recruiters and Selections Manager
  • Certified Educators and Registered Trainers and Assessors
  • (BA) International Marketing Consultant
  • International Human Resource Consultant
  • Professional and Tradespeople expert/s with relevant updated Qualifications
  • White Card Holders

Some of Our Team Members


Emma is a professionally qualified accountant and business advisor of over 20 years' experience having worked in private practice and commercial organisations in a wide variety of senior management positions. She is passionate about business and the success she achieves for her clients and herself.

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