Startups and Entrepreneurs

Encouraging start ups & Entrepreneurship

Today's start ups and entrepreneurs will help fuel investment and jobs into the future, ESB will facilitate this based on your unique skills, experience, qualifications and future intentions.

Australia is a nation of entrepreneurs.

Our nation proudly has a larger proportion of the population starting a business than almost any other developed country in the world.

ESB can develop a package that provides a helping hand to start ups and will help energise enterprise across the country, addressing all compliance issues.

To further boost entrepreneurial endeavours, start ups will be allowed to immediately deduct professional expenses incurred when they start a business, such as accounting expenses on establishing a company. This will provide immediate cash flow benefits for your business, while designing Professional Business Plans formulating strategic direction of the organisation by defining business strategy, or direction, making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy, including its capital and staff, with the goal of making their business successful, securing the company's long-term prosperity.

The Australian Government is also making it easier to start a business by streamlining business registration processes that professional accountants at ESB have access to allowing us to assist you immediately.

Please refer to our company "business management & accounting servicesand "who-we help-business owners and individuals" outlining how we will help you to succeed.