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Employee Mentoring Recruitment Services including Remote and Regional Australia

ESB specialise in forming a Professional mentoring relationship with our clients.

ESB adopt new adaptations of mentoring allowing individuals to interact as colleagues in a helping relationship, coaching our clients, cultivating growth and learning to prepare them for the Australian workforce, meeting Australian benchmarks in their industry to become markable, attractive employees to future Australia Employers. Experience, skills and a genuine desire to help our clients are the foundation of our employment and recruitment mentoring services. Open and assertive communication and the trust of both parties are essential to this program.

We focus and develop a mentoring program, tailored to individual requirements to assist our client to achieve their specific employment objectives in the Australian Marketplace. Benefits to the Organisation

  • Secure vetted top-talent for the organisation 
  • Increase in morale and motivation
  • Greater productivity
  • Discovery of talented employees 
  • Development of leadership for future survival and prosperity in our growing multi-cultural international environment
  • Communication of values, goals and plans
  • Demonstration of personal and professional standards
  • Achievement of excellent service
  • Implementation of equity initiatives
  • Fostering of shared innovative values and team work
  • Enhancement of leadership and people management skills of managers
  • Re energise plateaued managers
  • Increase in staff satisfaction
  • Building a learning organisation
  • Managed careers
  • Development of cross-organisational and International networks

Benefits to the future employees/ mentoree

  • Development of potential and knowledge about the Australian workforce, their industry and specific organisations
  • Flexibility - Mentorees negotiate with their mentors to work within available time and other commitments
  • Self-directed learning - Mentorees choose specific learning objectives
  • Leads to career mobility and more opportunities as a result of the mentoring relationship
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Receive encouragement and support to achieve goals
  • Develop new networks
  • Develop new and/or different perspectives
  • Get assistance with ideas
  • Demonstrate strengths and explore potential
  • Be challenged to use talents from around the globe and share expertise to remain relevant in our global economy

Our Services Include but are not limited to:

  • Detailed Analysis of Employees Current Resume
  • Discuss the Candidates Current job and most recent job
  • Determine their level of skills, qualifications and experience
  • Discuss applicants motivations and job expectations
  • Provide ethical and realistic feedback about the current Australian employment Marketplace
  • Provide customised client checklist to gather sufficient and appropriate evidence based on their skills, experience and qualifications
  • Develop and prepare personalised Professional Cover Letter and Resumes in-line with current industry and Australian employment opportunities (through ongoing open client negotiation from time of client engagement to "Final Signed-off")
  • Assist clients with Australian Interview techniques and future Australian employer expectations
  • Help clients to facilitate interviews with Australian Employers
  • Australian Interview etiquette techniques
  • General Interview Question and Answer techniques
  • Australian industry specific interview questions and answers
  • Follow up interview techniques
  • How to change your new Professional Resume and Cover Letter tailoring it to specific jobs and position descriptions assisting you to secure interview
  • Provide Current Open Australian Employment Opportunities and Positions
  • Provide feedback reports on results of interviews to prepare you to start work or to realign strategies and future opportunities

ESB, work with our clients, businesses and Migration agents to assist in securing Australian Employment.