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Professional Recruitment Services 

ESB assists our clients by attracting, selecting and retaining the highest quality of human resources talent to meet and maintain the Australian non-discriminatory workforce test. Our aim is to assist our clients in permanent staff recruitment and temporary staffing for either single, large volume or ongoing staffing requirements.

If business owners require "skilled workers" from other countries to fill their unique business resources, we are one of the few organisations accredited to carry our 100% compliant Labour Market Testing Services demonstrating fairness and equality to all candidates in-line with Australian Policy - a requirement for all Working Visas subject to LMT including Remote and Regional Migration Scheme Visa’s.

Our Recruitment and Labour Market Testing (LMT) Services include though not limited to:

  • Initial Consultation to clarify business specifications 
  •  Advertisement development, customised to industry and client requirements
  • Invite applicants from our Recruitment database to apply for positions based on the position advertised and skill-set required
  • Place advertisements as per specifications
  • Handling applications from prospective candidates
  • Carrying out job interviews with shortlisted candidates
  • Comparing their skills to the nominated position
  • Referee Checking
  • Preparing reports on the suitability of the interviewees
  • Preparing results of recruitment interviews
  • Documenting results in our detailed Labour Marketing Testing Report 
  • Providing sufficient and appropriate audit evidence of all Professional Recruitment Services and efforts

Professional Market Salary Rate Reports

ESB provides detailed Salary Market Rate Reports to perform compensation market salary rate research, benchmarking and set salary ranges to attract, select and retain the highest quality of human resources talent that reflects real-time market pay grades.

ESB work with companies throughout Australia with the expertise to service business owners, HR departments and other decision makers to eliminate compensation guesswork; stop overpaying employees; reduce the risk of losing your top performers or unable to attract the necessary skill-set of human resources in organizations. We provide you with accurate compensation data that reflects real-time market salary rates, research award rates in-line with position descriptions, responsibilities and duties, taking into account the size, nature and business location to recommend salary rates that truly match individual organizations and their employees while addressing the genuine need criteria for this essential additional resource and the appropriate pay grade required.

ESB’s Professional Genuine Position Criteria Report/s:

Genuine Position

ESB provides and prepares a thorough, detailed and analytical report in support of the genuineness of the position. This report is critical and plays a vital role in the success of a business nomination.

Under the DIBP’s standard business sponsorship requirements, the company must demonstrate that the nominated position is a genuine position within the company. This position must be relevant to the nature and scope of the business activities of the company and must be necessary to the continuing operations of the business.

ESB ensures our Genuine Position Report is professionally written and is considered one of the best in the industry. Many nomination applications for various sponsored visas have been successful due to our detailed research and analytical approach to writing this personalised report.

What is in the Genuine Position Report

All details from our clients remain confidential and are used only for the purpose of preparing their Genuine Position Report.

The report contains thorough information on the business products and services, discussions about various positions within the organisation, descriptions and analysis of the nominated position with reference to the occupation, arguments and justifications for the need of the position, and analysis of the nominee’s skills, experience and qualifications as being suitable for the position to fill genuine skill shortages in Australia that are unable to be fulfilled by our local labour workforce.

ESB has the essential skills, experience and qualifications when working with our HR experts to address and meet the Australian non-discriminatory workforce test!

Detailed Employment Contracts

An employment contract is an agreement between an employer and employee that sets out the terms and conditions of employment. A contract can be in writing or verbally.

ESB prepares detailed employment contracts outlining the employers and employees responsibilities and obligations in-line with current HR and IR laws including entitlements and confidentiality agreements. We tailor employment contracts to individual, organizational HR policies and procedures and external legislative requirements.

Currently, Australia has over 180 occupations from many different Industries that need to be fulfilled in our workforce to sustain our growing economy. If you would like to find out whether you are able to obtain work In Australia in any of the relevant professional or trade industries then we suggest you contact us to discuss the opportunities we have available.