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The Australian Government enforces all employers to invest in training for Australian workers

ESB – As qualified Training Providers, compliant to Training Regulators with having 20 years’ experience throughout Australia providing training solutions for Australian businesses and Business Sponsors, submitting visa sub-classes requiring mandatory training, maintaining compliance with the DIBP and under the Australian national regulatory & quality assurance arrangements for educating, training, mentoring and professional development.

ESB meet the essential professional criteria to update and maintain businesses mandatory training obligations imposed by the Australian Government now strictly reviewed for accuracy, reliability, transparency, all of which is prepared, delivered, assessed and evidenced by our in-house qualified training providers, compliant with all regulatory bodies, decision-makers, in regards to all Reforms to Australia’s Migration Programme/s and Australian Education and Training regulators.

As qualified, business services & professional training providers, we take no short-cuts when servicing Australian Businesses and the Migration Industry by delivering step-by-step guidance, maintaining auditable records for 7-years.

We are a fully serviced company with skilful trainers, prominent CPA accountants and experienced auditor and business compliance experts specialising in supporting:

  • Migration Agents and Lawyers
  • Skilled workers seeking visas
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneur’s wanting to establish and operate an Australian Business
  • Business Sponsors

Our experts work on essential mandatory reports and all other aspects of visa applications, whilst Migration Agents are preparing the visa advice, applications and DIBP submissions, we (ESB) are progressing with the many aspects of client’s visa application/s, working in synergy with Registered Migration Agents. We diligently work on all aspects of training requirements, identifying any areas of weakness to make significant business improvements and the supporting business documents such as the Mandatory Labour Market Testing all evidenced in a detailed LMT Report, Essential Market Salary Report/s, Genuineness of the position and the nominee while ensuring Employers meet the non-discriminatory workforce test, Curriculum Vitae, Company Brief, Business Plans as well as CPA accountants specialising in the Migration Industry, creating ethical and legal pathways preparing documents that are required in visa submissions.

ESB will deliver total case management and answer all regulatory requirements, comply with Australian Regulatory Bodies incl. but not limited to: DIBP, ASIC, ATO, HR, IR legislation; the Australian National Audit Office; and the Australian national regulatory and quality assurance arrangements for education, training, mentoring and professional development.

“We service all industries Australia-wide”.

Australian Government Insists on ALL Employers to Train Australian Workers

“Skills and knowledge are what put you ahead of your competition. This means training…from the very best sources available.”

The current training benchmark requirements ask employers to demonstrate and evidence they are investing in training for Australian employees and Australian Business Sponsors before they are permitted to sponsor overseas workers and/or to maintain their business sponsorship.

Training requirements

ESB – As qualified Training Providers, compliant with the DIBP & Training Regulators, use Benchmark Training “B” (to minimise costs to your organisation) or “Formal Structured Training”. Maintaining compliance under the Australian national regulatory and quality assurance arrangements for education and training.

Tailored to:

  • Australian Industries throughout Australia
  • The Internal business environment incorporating key goals and objectives
  • Group training specifications
  • Individual training requirements i.e. Formal Structured Training

Migration Agents and their clients need training from a reliable source

Training that meets the requirements of your business environment, and is compliant with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, such as:

  • Legal requirements
  • Industrial Relationships
  • Human Resource Laws
  • Industry specific training customised to your business

This training ideally would include; industry and legislative requirements and all your other needs.

As a result, this would lead to building your internal policy and procedural manuals, including internal controls, system and “industry-specific training customised to your company and organisation” would follow on.

Ideally, the result would be ESB Training Solutions –

  • customised auditable training plan
  • easy to follow training programs
  • review questions & further research tasks (gap training)
  • site training, delivery, with the advantage of using our training techniques provided with “minimal interruptions to your employees”
  • assessment records
  • sign-off training records and more

The Government has set the benchmark that is now strictly enforced as a major component of your visa and sponsorship obligations.


We understand this is an extensive process, as industry leaders, we take away the stress from your company so you remain productive we do the work for you to meet and maintain these stringent legislative requirements taking into account all new legislation reforms.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you, as your Professional and Qualified Training Supplier, we are here to assist you, providing you with customised step-by-step guidance and uncompromising high-quality training solutions and outcomes.

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